SHOT Show 2013: CRKT

I’m a fan of James Williams collaborations with CRKT and this year, they introduced two new models, The Otanashi noh Ken Folder and the Sakimori Fixed Blade.  The folder is a bit large for EDC, but due to the position of the pocket clip, the knife conceals itself easily.
Paracord bracelets are great for making sure you have some paracord handy just in case, but what if it offered something a little extra…. say a survival saw?  Enter the Onion Survival Para-Saw.  Concealed within the paracord, is a tungsten carbide coated wire saw.  Awesome.

Kenny Wong

SHOT Show 2013: ALG Defense ACT

ALG Defense is a spinoff from Geissele Automatics.  The ALG Combat Trigger (ACT) is the same trigger found on the Haley Strategic/BCM Jack Carbine.  I had a chance to check out the Jack Carbine at the Geissele booth and I liked what I felt.  The trigger is based on the stock mil-spec M4/M16 trigger, but is sharper and smoother than the stock trigger.  The great thing here is that the ACT is value oriented and priced at $65.

Kenny Wong


What’s up Shooters,

Thought I’d introduce myself.  My name is Kenny and I’ve been shooting off and on since I was 15 years old.  Since 2011, I have been shooting competitively in USPSA.  I love shooting and I hope to continue shooting til the day I die.  I may sound like a know it all at times, but I don’t know everything and am always willing to learn.  I don’t have a military or law enforcement background nor do I pretend to.  I’m just a regular joe who likes to shoot and I hope to share my interests with everyone, whether you are new to shooting and have never picked up a gun before or you’re a veteran shooter and can school me on the range.  I hope you enjoy Way of The Shooter and welcome your input.

Kenny Wong

PS:  Thanks to my girlfriend for indulging my passion.